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Followers: 106
Following: 3
Profile Views: 2,984
Store Views: 6,351
Total Beats: 201
Total Plays: 33,003
Beats Sold: 1,380
Last Login: 02.12.2017
Member Since 03.16.2008
Battle Record
Winning: 50 %
Current Month: Won 3 Lose 3
Over All Battles: Won 65 Lose 17
This Month Ranked: #19
Brief Bio
Timothy Napper, a.k.a T-Rifik, is a producer, songwriter and engineer. His goal is to leave a mark on the music industry and he is well on his way to doing just that. He is known for attacking and murdering his production, which is why he is also known as
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Hip Hop
Lease - $7.99 - Plays: 159
Lease - $7.99 - Plays: 79
Hip Hop
Lease - $7.99 - Plays: 364
Dirty South
Lease - $7.99 - Plays: 82
Dirty South
Lease - $7.99 - Plays: 50
Kustom Says...
1 month ago
How ya doing big guy? Mike Kustom
Spectrumcorp Says...
1 year ago
Cmon bruh ur good its gonna be a walk in a park for you. If 50 is to little what about 100€? Or jus tell me the amount. I got my money where my mouth is lolz. Its ok if ur afraid you dont have to feel ashaimed lol
Spectrumcorp Says...
1 year ago
Timothy lol
Spectrumcorp Says...
1 year ago
Cashbattle in ten days atleast 50€ hit me up if you want it nigguh!
dj EQ Says...
3 years ago
Way to go lil brother, I see you still doing your thing to the fullest. Proud of you.

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