May 10

Buy In Beat Battle for $1500 Cash Prize

beat battleBeat Battle for $1500 Cash Prize Set to Start June 15th 2013. 4.0 is set to have its first buy-in beat battle tournament that will allow any of its members to participate for a chance at $1500 cash.

There has been many successful buy-in cash battle tournaments in the pass on rocbattle, but none which have given a $1500 cash prize. Buy-in tournaments in the pass would cost a fee and then give slots to the producers which would then go 5 rounds to the finals. With Rocbattle 4.0 producers will now get advertising, product discounts and giveaways for their participation.

Who Can Enter In the Buy-In Beat Battle?

As a Music Producer registered on any level ( Bronze, Silver or Gold)  you can participate in the buy in beat battle. As long as you sign-up before the last person registers for the battle, you will be accepted.

What Do I Get When I Enter In The Buy-In Beat Battle?

Choose any 1 of 4 from the following.

Rocbattle Banner Advertising – We will allow you to advertise your beats with a 160 x 600 banner or 728 x 90 banner. (Drive traffic to your profile, Soundclick, Your website or beat player). This is a 30 day offer for your $50 battle entry fee.  Product Credits – You will get to download 1 of three products for free offered at Link Here Sell Beats Clicks -  You will get  50 Free targeted clicks to your  Beats anywhere. (Drive traffic to your profile, Soundclick, Your website or beat player). 50% Product Discount – You will get a 50% discount on any beat website software purchase.

When Will The Beat Battle Start?

The Buy-In Beat Battle Tournament will start June 15th 2013. All producers will be able to upload their first round beats on June 15th.

$25 Update Entry For Battle –

If you dont want any of the bonuses and only want to get in the tournament to get a chance at the cash prize, you can enter below for $25.00.

How Much Will The Buy-In Beat Battle Cost?

The Buy in Beat Battle will cost $50 for each producer. The winner will receive up to $1500 cash prize contingent on all 64 slots being filled. If we have a 32 music producer beat battle tournament, then the cash prize to the winner will be up to $750.

What Are The Beat Battle Rules?

Many of the rules will be the standard rocbattle tournament rules. Beats that can be considered hip hop will be accepted. The round schedule will be posted few weeks before the battles start.

How do I sign Up for the June 15th 2013 Beat Battle

To enter into the battle simply check out below.  MAKE SURE you put your username in the Subject Line. Also Make sure you put what you want for your $50 entry fee in the paypal memo. This way we know what to give you. Example – (I want the free course for my $50 or I would like the 30 days of advertising on rocbattle, etc).

Beat Battle

If you have any other questions, you can post them here or send a ticket to support and we will answer it the question here for everyone.

June 15th Beat Battle, Additional Information.




Apr 17

Buy Beats – New Beat Marketplace

Buy beatsBuy Beats New Market Place has now been acquired by the owners of For a few years now we have been in talks with the previous domain owner. We have finally decided to use the domain as an additionally market place for selling beats on the Internet. We think this is a great branding idea based on the fact that our market specifically looks to buy beats online.

Buy Beats will use Beats from Rocbattle to Market.

Buy beats will be powered by offering only non-exclusive beats. This service to producers will be absolutely free as part of their membership on rocbattle. Just like, producers will receive 50% of the profits from beats sold at Buy beats is currently live and we will be making upgrades to it as it is further developed. We know that many producers will have questions, so following are some answers that can possibly provide some clarity..

How Will I Know I Have Made a Sale on Buy Beats?

When you make a sale on, you will see buy beats in red next to your sales stats on You will also receive an email notification.

How Much and How Will Buy Beats Pay Producers?

On or on your html5 player, sales money is paid directly to your paypay and you receive 100% minus the paypal fee to your paypal account. Sales from and are paid out one time the following month before the 5th. Please always make sure that you have your current paypal account email set in your member area settings.

 Will Gold Members Have Better Exposure on Buy Beats?

Yes. We are installing the same code that is on Rocbattle that will give gold members more visibility to potential buyers. As the site grows, we will add more features to help with more exposure.

Questions about the new buy beats website can be asked here. We will update this post accordingly.